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Meet Jim Culver.

With an emphasis on skull and super star tokens, Jim Culver can make a significant impact on the game's outcome, making him a compelling choice for players seeking unique gameplay experiences. However, players should be mindful of the potential risks associated with relying heavily on skull tokens, as unfavorable token draws could lead to challenges during critical moments.


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Rite of seeking

One of the main advantages of Rite of Seeking is the potential to discover an additional clue at the investigated location upon a successful test. This extra clue can significantly speed up the progress of the investigation, allowing the team to advance their objectives more quickly.


However, there is an inherent risk to using this spell. If any of the symbols on the Chaos token are revealed during the test, the investigator loses all remaining actions and ends their turn immediately. This drawback means that while Rite of Seeking can be incredibly rewarding, it also carries the risk of ending an investigator's turn prematurely, potentially leaving them vulnerable to the dangers of Arkham. Do not forgot the high cost to play this asset. If you do the math 3 extra clues for 4 resources is a win win scenario, but you will have to succeed in the test. 

Ritual candles

is an exceptional Mystic card in this amazing game. Its powerful response ability triggers when a Skull, Hooded, Tablet, or Elder Thing symbol is revealed during a test performed by the investigator. This immediate +1 skill value boost greatly enhances the investigator's chances of success, making it a must-have addition to any Mystic deck.


The versatility of Ritual Candles, combined with its low cost of only 1 hand slot and 1 resource, makes it an ideal choice for any Mystic seeking to improve their test outcomes consistently. Whether investigating, evading, or fighting, the additional skill value can be the difference between victory and defeat

Clarity of Mind

is a healing tool, it allows an investigator to restore 1 horror from themselves or a fellow investigator at their location. With three charges and a cost of 2 resources, this card offers a reliable and versatile method of healing, making it an essential addition to any Mystic's toolkit.


The ability to heal horror is crucial in Arkham Horror, as investigators often encounter terrifying encounters that inflict mental trauma. Clarity of Mind's low resource cost and multiple charges ensure that it can be used multiple times throughout the game, providing a consistent means of alleviating investigators' mental burdens.


The flexibility to heal any investigator at your location means that Clarity of Mind can be utilised strategically to support your team. Whether it's keeping yourself or a vulnerable teammate in the fight, this card can be a game-changer in dire situations.

Bind Monsters

is a valuable upgrade card for the Mystic class, offering a powerful tool for investigators to deal with formidable enemies. With a cost of 2 exp and 3 resources, this upgrade provides an exceptional enhancement to an investigator's evasion abilities.


The unique aspect of Bind Monsters is its evasion attempt, which employs Willpower instead of Agility. Willpower is the number one skill for this class. This offers an alternative approach to dealing with evading enemies, making it particularly useful for investigators who have higher Willpower.  


The response action of Bind Monsters allows investigators to prevent the attached enemy from readying. This response action adds an element of control to encounters, allowing players to manage the battlefield more strategically.


However, the response action also introduces a risk factor. To trigger the ability, the investigator must pass a Willpower test with a difficulty of 3. Failure results in the discard of Bind Monsters, removing its powerful effect from play. This risk-reward mechanism adds a layer of tension and decision-making, as players must carefully consider whether to use the response action or save Bind Monsters for a more opportune moment.


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