calvin - the king in red

This deck is made for finding clues and fighting monsters when on the brink of death. Yes, you read that right, Calvin is at his best when he is hanging by a thread (the king in red status). Around that, the deck is divided between collecting your items from your discard pile and quickly finding multiple clues. There are also a number of cards that give you extra cards and cash. The ultimate goal of this deck is to absorb as much damage and horror as possible in the first few rounds, which is why we chose to use Self Destructive as a weakness as the theme. Insanely good to pull at the beginning, but can kill you at a later stage.


Asset (17)
2x  Fire Axe
Hand x2
1x  Baseball Bat
1x  Leather Coat
1x  Stray Cat
2x  Dark Horse
1x  Scavenging
Event (8)
1x  Lucky!
2x  Perseverance
2x  Winging It
Skill (6)
2x  Resourceful
2x  Take Heart
Treachery (2)

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