jacqueline fine - the psychic

Blood. Fire. Destruction. Every night, Jacqueline's dreams are filled with things that have not yet come to pass. At first, she thought of these dreams as a terrible curse. However, as she began to control her visions and observe the events within in greater detail, she now understands they are no curse, but a calling. The world is about to be plunged into a thousand years of indescribable chaos, and only she knows the warning signs. Her dreams have never been wrong, but she cannot let the nightmares that haunt them become a reality.


Jacqueline is the next expansion investigator and she's from the mystic class. One of the classes that let you walk on the dark side and defeat monsters with awesome powers. Her stats are 5/3/2/2 and like the most mystic heroes the willpower is higher then any other class. Evading and fighting is probably with these stats not a great of a succes but this deck will bring cards to the table to buff it al up! Her deck building options are a bit weak. You only can use mystic cards and neutral cards from lvl 0 to 5. So no combination with other classes. 


She has a response ability that let you reveal 2 extra tokens every time you would reveal a chaos token from the bag. You can do the following things with these tokens. You can choose 2 non elder things tokens like a -1 or a Skull token and you can cancel these. Or you can choose the 1 elder thing token (the red one) and cancel this token, but when you do the other 2 tokens will resolve! Any Investigator at your location ca trigger this ability only you can use it once per round. 


The super star ability is in my opinion also a weak one. You will get +1 thats ok but if you ignored the effect you may draw a card. So you will get +1 or a free card. But the times you will reveal the elder sign is very low. So another lost power. 

weakness cards

Dark future 


 The only strong thing about Jacqueline is the fact that any investigator at your location can trigger her ability to reveal 2 extra tokens from the chaos bag. But the The Dark Future weakness can make a stop to that awesome ability just for Jacqueline. Other investigators can still use this ability but for Jacqueline the game is up! You can't ignore the bad tokens and that's real harsh. So say goodbye to the ability. But there is a cure for your Dark future! At the end of your turn you must grab 5 tokens from the chaos bag and if you pul out the Elder sign token your future becomes bright again and you may discard the Dark Future card. If you don't grab the Elder sign token this card stays in your threat area until next round when you can try it again. 



Another greet weakness card that makes your life uncomfortable. You still can ignore the Elder Thing token but with a cost. You will take 1/1 damage and horror. So you probably want to get rit of this card fast! Your plan is to ignore and cancel a lot of bad Elder Thing tokens and if you have this card in your threat area your live is over real fast. You can discard this card for 2 actions points. So its for the better that you find this card fast or grab it in early game. 

special card

Arbiter of Fates


With your own fate in hands you can trigger her ability twice! It cost you only 3 resource and its all worth it! One PRO TIP we can give you right from the start is that this card needs to be in your opening end to make fast progress a building a solid board play. So mulligan everything if you don't have this card in your opening hand. 


Familiar Spirit / This deck is build an spells and probably your own creation with a Jacqueline Fine deck also. So this furry friend can come in handy to play more spell cards. For 1 resource you will get a buddy with a stat of 1/1. So in the worsted case scenario you can soak some damage or horror in order to stay alive. The other thing with this furry friend is you get an extra arcane slot that only can held spells. Thats awesome and it will cost you only 1 resource!


Crystal Pendulum / A game of luck you can call it. For 2 resource you will get a crystal necklace that will give you a huge bonus. Name a number and if you succeed or fail by that number draw a card. In combination with scrying mirror you can predict the future and name the correct number. Then there is the fact that this necklace gives you a +1 willpower and you need your willpower with a mystic class. 


Ritual Candles / We all know the candles! After you reveal one of the bad tokens you will get +1 for the skill test you are preforming. 


Scrying Mirror / What a great card! You can play this card for 3 resources and you will get 4 secrets. After a skill test at your location is started grab a token from the back before you commit cards. Then see the result and you can buff up the test to make it a precise win. In combination with the crystal necklace you can win and draw a card. Grab a token and exhaust the necklace name a number you will succeed by and you have yourself a blast with the card draw!


Azure Flame / This is your fighting card, for 3 resource you will get 4 secrets to fight off your enemy. Spend a secret and you will use your willpower instead of your fighting skill. You even get a +1 willpower and deal a +1 damage. But if you play with fire you can burn yourself. If you reveal a token for this test and its a 0 or +1 token you will get 1 damage. 


Clairvoyance / The card you will need to use if you want to investigate with Jacqueline. Its a rather expensive card but if you do the math its not so bad. Its pretty awesome actually. For 4 resources you can play this card and get 3 secret. You can spend a secret and start investigate and you will use your willpower instead of your intellect. If you succeed you will get an additional clue. So if my math is correct you can grab 6 clues with this card. So 6 clues for 4 resources. Thats a very good price. Now there is a little downside if you grab a 0, +1 or a Elder sign token you will get 1 horror. 


Robes of Endless Night / For 3 resources you can put this robe on. It will help you to controle your damage because it can soak up to 2 points of damage for you. But there is something better going on with this piece off clothing. If you play a spell card you can exhausted your robe and play it for 1 less resource. 


Ineffable Truth / We already had the fight and investigation card. Now its the time for evade card. For 3 resource you can play this card and comes into play with 3 resources. Spend a resource and evade the enemy thats engaged with you. If you succeed it will deal 1 damage to that enemy. But there is also a downside with this card. If you grab a 0, +1 or a Elder sign token you will lose 1 resource


Voice of Ra / Its you money machine! Play for free and reveal 3 tokens. You already gain a free resource but for every token (listed on the card) you get an additional 2 resources! In my play sessions that is easy 5 resources each time I played it. 


Dark Prophecy / For 1 resource you can perfect your outcome of the skill test you are preforming. It’s a FAST action so free of actions. You must play this card at the moment before you grabbing tokens from the chaos bag. Reveal 5 tokens and you must choose one of the bad tokens. But you already know what bad things these tokens bring with them. So do a easy pick and you know that you will win. If non of these tokens appears what never happened just choose one of these tokens. 


Astral Travel / You can teleport but with a cost! For 3 resources you start a move action and you can travel to any revealed location. When you get there you must grab a token from the chaos bag. And when you do grab one of the tokens indicated on the card you will lose an item or asset you controle. So you must play this card in a extreme situation or in early game. You can teleport in and grab clues or to easily evade an enemy. If you don’t have any items or assets you think you are save but hey this is still Arkham so you will get 1 damage. 


Hypnotic Gaze / This spell is awesome but expensive. It’s a FAST action and you will play this card when an enemy or monster attacks you. Cancel the attack and grab a token from the bag. If the token is one of the indicated you will deal the damage to the attacking enemy or monster. If you don’t grab any of these tokens you still cancel the attack for 3 resources. You also can use this card to help out fellow investigators at your location. 


Parallel Fates / Looking in the future for free! The card has a zero cost and you can look up to 4 encounter cards. Grab a token from the bag and if one of the indicated tokens comes up you can shuffle them back into the encounter deck. But that’s not what you want to use this card for. If you don’t grab one of these tokens you can put the card back in any order. If you play with 2 players you will know what’s coming for the next 2 rounds. If you play with 4 players you all know what’s coming next and you can repair for the worst!


Prescient / A easy way to get your beloved spells back. This skill card will grant you with an extra +1 willpower. You must choose even, odd or symbol and when you are right you can grab a spell from your discard pile and put it back in your hand. You already know you have event cards that you can see the future tokens you will face. Like Dark prophecy! And you will get back your spell card!


Defiance / You can chance the outcome for the skill test you are performing. Just say one of the tokens on the card and ignore the effects. Also this card will work perfectly fine with Dark prophecy. 

upgrade cards

Robes of Endless Night / 

Azure Flame / 

Azure Flame / 

Grotesque Statue / 

Arcane Studies / 

Clairvoyance 1 / The first version cost you 3 exp. It is a high cost card for at least 4 resources! But if you have the robe in play you can play it for less. It comes in play with 3 charges and won't leave play if they are empty because you can refill charges with some cards. Take an action and spend a charge, start an investigation and use your willpower instead of your intellect. For this investigation you will get +2 willpower. If you succeed you discover an extra clue. But playing with magic if the same as playing with fire. YOU CAN BURN YOURSELF! If you draw one of the indicated tokens you will get 1 horror. 


Clairvoyance 2 / The next version is the most expensive one of them all. For 5 exp you will get the buffed up version. The mechanic is the same but you will get +2 willpower and discover +2 clues. So if you are lucky you can find 3 clues at once. But you can hurt yourself with +2 horror. 


Ineffable Truth 1 / Its a 3/3/3 card. 3 exp and cost 3 resources. Comes into play with 3 charges! Take an action and spend a charge. Evading for this trick will uses your willpower instead of your agility. You will get +2 willpower and if you succeed the test it will deal 1 damage to the evading enemy. But if you draw the wrong token it will cost you 1 resource. 


Ineffable Truth 2 / The better version will cost you a whooping 5 exp and will do the same trick. Only the difference is that it will buff up everything. SO +3 willpower and +2 damage to the evading enemy. But 1 wrong token you lose 2 resources. 

Eldritch Inspiration / FAST, play when you resolve an effect of one off your mystic cards. You can ignore a card effect like saying you will fail a skill test and you don't want to hurt yourself. Or you can trigger the ability twice when you succeed in one off your skill tests. But it only can when the trigger effects are "when", "if" or "after" a chaos token is revealed. Thats pretty slick! It will cost you 1 exp and you probably want to buy this card because you always will have 1 exp left or over. Its also can come in handy if you want to commit this card to a skill test because it will grant you with 2 intellect icons and 1 willpower for the extra boost. 


Recharge / This is the card that you can use for the extra recharging of your spells! Its a high cost to ad this one to your deck. For 4 exp you can ad this card to your deck and you playing with a lot of spells. Its free to play and if you don't grab one of the bad tokens you will refill your spell with 4 charges otherwise its gonna be one. But hey its Arkham even 1 extra charge can make the difference. 

If you don't need to buff up your spells. You can also commit this card to a test for 3 extra willpower. 


Hypnotic Gaze / Its also a FAST card. For 2 exp you can upgrade the older version for one better! Play only if an enemy is attacking you. Cancel that attack (the attack is always cancelled) and then reveal a chaos token from the bag. If its one of the indicated tokens the you will deal damage equal to his horror or damage. Choose the biggest score but thats something you already know. 

skill card (upgrade version)



This upgrade Guts cost you 2 exp to buy. You can only commit 1 guts to a skill test. You also can't play the normal version and this version ad the same skill test remember that!


If this test succeed you draw 1 card and if you succeed with 2 or more you can draw 2 card!

This was it! The full article about Jacqueline Fine. We hope you will enjoyed the reading and hopefully you learned more about this awesome character! See you next time!


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