Extracurricular activity

Dr. Henry Armitage pours himself a glass of pinot and sits down at his desk, gesturing for you to sit across from him. “I apologize for the short notice,” he begins. His face is pale, his forehead sweaty and wrinkled with worry.


Armitage—the head librarian of Miskatonic University, and a former mentor of yours—privately contacted you in the hopes of gaining your assistance. Eager to help, you made your way to his home in Southside. Upon entering, you were surprised to find his home in disarray. Books and notes litter his desk, and an empty bottle of wine has tipped over onto the ground by the fireplace. You’d always known Armitage to be neat and well-organized.


The elderly man takes a moment to collect his thoughts. “I am

looking for two of my colleagues—Dr. Francis Morgan, professor of archaeology, and Warren Rice, professor of languages. Warren was supposed to meet up with me over supper earlier today to discuss several important findings, but he has since gone missing. At first I thought nothing of it, but I have a nagging feeling something else is going on. A very...familiar feeling.” You’ve never seen Armitage quite this worried before. His hands tremble as he reaches for the glass on his desk, and he sips from it nervously. “I tried to find Francis, hoping he knew where Warren was, but he too is out of touch. Francis has been spending a lot of time in some gambling den, or so I am told.


“I sent for you because I am worried Warren might be in trouble. I would appreciate it greatly if you could find him for me. You may also wish to ask Francis for help, if you can reach him.”

Alright survivors, we dive into a new adventure! This time we will investigate the Dunwich legacy cycle. As you have already read, you have to look for 2 colleagues of Prof. H. Armitage. This is where this cycle lets you make a choice right away. Are you looking for Dr. Warren Rice or do you go with your gut feeling and look for the other colleague named Dr. Francis Morgan. When you and your team have made a choice which way to investigate first, see which scene you should start first. Our first choice was to seek and find Dr. Warren Rice.



the setup

Dr. Armitage is worried his colleague, Professor Warren Rice, might be in trouble, so he has asked for your help in finding his friend. He seems unreasonably nervous about his colleague’s disappearance considering Professor Rice has only been “missing” for a matter of hours...


Find the following encounter sets in your collection: 

Depending on which scenario you will start first, if this is your first scenario then use Faculty Offices (The Night is Still Young). Set it aside, out of play. Remove Faculty Offices (The Hour is Late) from the game. 


If you have already completed The House Always Wins, use Faculty Offices (The Hour is Late). Set it aside, out of play. Remove Faculty Offices (The Night is Still Young) from the game. (we still will review the card in this article)

the journal setup

We don't have a journal at the moment, but as the story of the cycle unfolds, there will be a few things here soon.


Normally we start right away with the agenda and act number 1, but you are now dealing with a scenario where the locations are very important. So we want to deal with these first. Put the next locations in the order from left to right. 

Orne Library, Miskatonic Quad, Science Building. These locations will be on the top row. 

Humanities Building, Student Union, Administration Building. These locations will be the lower row.

Each investigator begins play at the Miskatonic Quad.

Orne Library / 3 shroud and 1 clue per investigator. It's a tough one because every action in this location will cost you an extra action. But look at the bright side (if you can find that in Arkham) if you clear all the clues then you will earn a victory point. 


Miskatonic Quad / 3 shroud and zero clues. The location where you will start your adventure. Also the escape card for this scenario. If the heat comes too close this is your escape plan. It's also the location where you come the must. So do not bring the monsters and bad guys to this location because every Investigator is will come here a lot. 


Science Building* / 2 shroud and 1 clue per investigator. If this is your first time here then you should put the Alchemy labs into play. This hole cycle drives on the must skill test that requires your willpower. So this location is a bit of a pain in the ass. If you lose a willpower skill test you suffer 1 damage. 


Humanities Building / 3 shroud and 2 clues per Investigator, at the end of your turn if you still here you will have to discard X cards. X is the amount of horror your Investigator has. There is a little mechanic in this scenario that will punish you for the cards in your discard pile. So don't stay long here! Grab the clues and run. 


Student Union* / 1 shroud and 2 clues. The easiest location of them all. You also can heal your horror and damage here. But in my opinion you don't have to do this. It will cost you 2 precious action you don't want to lose. Also lets be honest its just the first scenario. How hard can it be. If this is your first time at this location then you have to put the dormitories into play. 


Administration Building* / 4 shroud and 1 clue per Investigator. This is the hardest location. If its your first time here then put the faculty office location into play. In the setup of this scenario you learnt wich of the 2 location you will need. At the end of your turn discard the top card of your deck. Remember the little mechanic! Just grab and run. 


* these are location that brings another location into play. Read further for these locations. 

agenda and act nr. 1

Agenda 1A - Quit Halls

You have arrived at the Miskatonic University campus in search of Professor Warren Rice. Classes are over, and a mysterious silence hangs in the air over the quad.


This agenda will flip at 7 doom tokens. So you will have some time to trying to find Prof. Warren Rice. Uhm not really, you know its Arkham Horror LCG so you will have to hurry. Find as many clues as you can. Explore fast and put these extra locations into play. You still can't visit them, but you will later on. You will need clues for round 2 and these locations!


Act 1A - After Hours

Professor Rice was last seen several hours ago by one of Armitage's students, in the Humanities building.


You will need to be fast with your clues! Every action of your turns counts in this scenario. You will probably be better off in gathering clues then build a strong Investigator. Ok let's be honest. One moment in this scenario you will have to face the experiment. But, this thing is very powerful. You can kill it if you are brave enough. But in the first few turns you will have to get the clues otherwise you won't stand a chance. But later on about your fight with the experiment. 

Agenda 1B - Something Stirs

The university is dead silent. The shadows coil about your feet as you walk, and you swear there is something following you with each step you take. Is it just your imagination? Or is there really someone - or something - stalking you?


Alright lets finally talk about the little mechanic that you read before in this article. If you put the last doom token on the agenda it will flip and there it is "the little devil of mechanics". Every Investigator with 5 or more cards in his or her discard pile wil take 1 horror. And every player with 10 or more takes 2 horror. So like I said there's a little devilish mechanic that will drain your sanity. At some locations you will lose player cards and at other locations you will get extra horror damage if you lose a willpower skill test. 


If you played the House Always wins first then you will go directly to 2B of the agenda what means more bad news. But luckily for us this is our first scenario. So we advance to agenda 2A

Act 1B - The Head Janitor. 

You were unable to find Professor Rice, but one of the students you spoke with mentioned a strange man entering Rice's office. Unfortunately, the door leading to the faculty offices is locked at this late hour. The student says that the head janitor, "Jazz", might be able to let you in, if you can find him.


Its JAZZ time! Shuffle the discard pile + Jazz Mulligan back into the encounter deck and advance to act 2A. 

agenda and act nr. 2

Agenda 2A - Dead of Night 

Professor Rice's disappearance isn't the only thing amiss at the university. You're unsure exactly what is going on, but you're starting to believe Armitage was right in asking for your help.


It's not a simple thing in Arkham Horror to survive with less cards. But this card game is sometimes extremely harsh. So for the remainder of this agenda card you will have 3 less cards in your hand. Every time when you check your hand size it must be 3 less. Now to the plan of action. You need to clear this next act card within 3 rounds (if you don't count any extra doom). Or you will learn it the hard way....


Act 2A - Rice's Whereabouts 

Concerned for Professor Rice's safety, you seek out the head janitor, who can let you into the locked sections of the campus.


We talked about the plan with the agenda, clear it fast! But if you want to advance this act card you will need to find Jazz. Jazz is the man around campus and can open unlocked doors. Gather clues and spend one of them for an action. Discard the top 5 encounter cards and if you are lucky enough you will find this janitor fast! If you do, then you may parley for an action with Jazz for 3 intellect. 


PRO TIP: if you are wise then you will do the searching for Jazz with an Investigator with a high intellect (seekers are still the best for this option). And when you do make sure you have enough actions left so you can parley with Jazz immediately. 

"JAZZ" Mulligan - The head Janitor of the Miskatonic University 



When you find Jazz he will spawn at your location and you can do a parley action. If you succeed in this parley action then you gain controle over Jazz and that awesome! Not only will he unlock several doors, but also he has a great stat of 2/2. So he can soak up some of you damages. 

Agenda 2B - An Experiment gone wrong.

A cry of fear echoes through the campus, and several students flee from the eastern side of the university, where the Science building can be found. Could this commotion be linked to Professor Rice's disappearance?


So now for the wrong card to flip. If you reach the amount of 3 doom on the table or on the card and you are in the mythos phase the card will flip. You must put the Dormitories location into play and if the experiment is not already in play you must put it at that location. But if you are in a troubled play trough and the experiment is already into play than this creature will come 1 location closer to the nearest Investigator. 


The Experiment - Something went terribly wrong


Wow it's massive! Yes indeed! And it also has the keyword massive. Which means that the creature is engage with every Investigator in that specific location. It will not engage just a Investigator but all of you freaking out Investigators. This experiment has a stat of 4/7/2 which means you can easily avoid it. But attacking this thing is becoming a headache of a nightmare. Not even that is the worst part. His health gains +3 for each Investigator. So in our case its +6 that makes a total of 13 hit points.


If you are a gunslinger like Roland Banks then you can do probably 2 or 3 damage per attack. Thats 9 damage a round if you manage to succeed a 4 fight skill test (and thats a high number). For example you can use the .45 automatic 4 times. Thats 2 damage each time when you succeed at the fight test. 8 damage in total. That leaves you with 5 hit points. But the fight isn't over. It will attack you at some point and the sanity and damage are high. 2/2 thats a lot and not every Investigator at this point can handle that much often. Don't forget that this thing readies every enemy phase! We manage to defeat it ones..... so you know the difficulty of this monster. If you manage to defeat this monster you will go automatically go to act 3B. But for now just read on....


PRO TIP: However there is a solution the bring down this monster faster then you can say Arkham Horror the card game. But there's a little catch. You must have played the "House always wins" first. Then you get acces to the Alchemical concoction.  But this card you will have to obtain from the alchemy lab location. And thats also where this monster is. Read this article further to see what it does. 

ACT 2B - The Experiment is loose!

You convince "Jazz" that something strange is going on, and that Professor Rice may be in danger. He doesn't trust you enough to hand you his keys, but agrees to come with you.

All of a sudden, you hear a crash coming from the Science building, and a student rushes toward you. "Help!" he cries. "There's some kind of animal loose in the chem labs! I only barely caught a glimpse of it, but..." He shudders. "I think it's heading to the dorms! You've got to do something!"


If the alchemy lab isn't in play then you have to put into play same goes for the Experiment. But they are already there when you reach this side of the card (at least from my experience). 


Alchemical concoction 


This is the solution what we are talking about! Its a pretty need weapon for the seekers among us. You will only get is potion when you played "the house always wins" scenario first. And then you will have to find the alchemy lab to grab this amazing potion. 


It will give your seeker a change to fight off this monster. If you have a guardian companion like Zoey or Roland they can harm this monster and you as seekers will give the finishing blow. With this card you will activate an fight action but instead of fight you will use your intellect skill. It also deals +6 damage! And there it is..... your solution to kill this thing. 


PRO TIP: You can only use this potion once. So use it wisely. Make it hurt with an other Investigator first and give the final blow. You will only get is potion when you played "the house always wins" scenario first. And then you will have to find the alchemy lab to grab this amazing potion. It will give your seeker a change to fight off this monster.

agenda and act nr. 3

Agenda 3A - The beast unleashed

Some kind of wild creature is on the loose. Whatever it is, it appears to be headed toward the university dormitories.


If the threshold of the doom is reach the card won't flip! But the experiment will go one location closer to the dormitories. He wants to have a little snack I suppose..... If the dormitories are reached by the beast then advance. Not even wait for the mythos phase but asap!


Act 3A - Campus safety

You have only moments to react. You could warn the students in the dormitories and escort them to safety, or continue your task of searching the faculty offices for Professor Rice. Or, perhaps you could try to slay the beast that threatens the campus.


Ok now this becomes very interesting, you know what to do or....... wait what! Get out fast trough other resolution on other cards? Or help the students fight off this beast. Lets make it very clear, you now what you are up against can you fight this beast? Then head on and try to kill it. If you are not up for the task then you have to find Prof. Warren Rice!


Agenda 3B - Not fast enough 

Before you are able to act, you hear screaming from the northern side of the campus. You begin to make your way toward the screaming, your vision darkening with each step. As soon as the creature enters sight, you feel the darkness overtake you, and a force pulls you out of your consciousness. Everything goes black, and you pass out.




If the beast reached the dormitories its over and out! Each Investigator takes 3 sanity and if they live you proceed to resolution 4. 

Act 3B - The Beast's death

The monstrous creature lets out a terrible shriek as it succumbs to its wounds and collapses onto the ground. A foul odor emanates from the corpse as its flesh begins to bubble and froth. Your relief turns to disgust as the body begins to shrink and disintegrate. Minutes later, the body has almost entirely evaporated into a sticky mass, and the awful odor has vanished. Inside the remnants of the creature's body, all you can find is a set of bones - the skeletal structure of a canine.


If you managed to slay the beast then proceed to Resolution 3. 

but there are other ways to win

Faculty offices - The night is still young


You only get this location if Extracurricular Activity is your first scenario. Otherwise you will get "the hour is late" location. You only can reach this location if you have Jazz with you. Otherwise the door is closed. 


If you enter the office spawn a humanoid creature here, this can be from the discard pile or the encounter deck. The location provided 2 clues per Investigator and has a shroud of 2. If you want the end this scenario the best this is your way. Collect 2 clues per Investigator and spend them fast! If you succeed then you will go to resolution 1. 




If you have Jazz you can unlock the door and save the students! It will cost you a lot of clues but je can get them almost for free. Remember that for every 2 mythos phase the experiment will come closer to this location. So you have to hurry up. Gather 3 clues per Investigator. The location will provide you with enough clues and with only 1 shroud every investigator can get them. If you succeed you will go to resolution 2. 


how to get warren rice

Professor Warren Rice


If you want this professor you will need to finish this scenario with resolution 1. You will get a good ally. His stats are 2/3 and the 3 sanity is a massive win. You can soak up some horror in bad situations. But thats not all. Also you will get +1 intellect and if you discover the last clue on a location you can exhaust Warren and draw a card. The cost is average to. 3 is not high and not low for the ability you get with this card. 

Thats the hole scenario! We hope you learned a thing or two. This is one of those stories that will grabs your attention. The first big expansion of this card game and it's awesome! This first story is just the start of one hell off a ride!

We don't put encounter analyse in this articles anymore. We take them apart and bring these cards in there own chapter. Just like we did with Night of the zealot campaign


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