Agents of shub niggurath

Set Size /  4 cards. 

Number of unique cards / 2 cards. 

Threat level / High. 

Traits / Monster - Dark young - humanoid. 

Cards /  Enemy. 

The role of the set / Heal damage from enemy card - losing sanity by defeating.

Relentless Dark Young


Prey: the investigator with the lowest agility is its prey. 

Forced: At the end of the road the Dark young heals 2 damage. So quickly get rit of this terrible monster. 

Trait: Monster - Dark Young


His stats is really high, so that's why we mark this encounter set high risk. His evade of 2 is very easy, but as you now easy doesn't make you get to the finish line. 


This monster deals damage for 2 points and 1 point of horror. If you look good at the bottom left you will see Joe diamand blasting the monster. Thats what you need to do, only if you have a steady fight board game. 

Goat spawn


Trait: Humanoid - Monster

Forced: After killing this monster each investigator at the location suffers 1 horror. 


This monster Goat is a hunter (with means every enemy phase he will comes 1 location closer to the nearest investigator) and has also the keyword retaliate (what means that if you mis an attack he will automatically attacks you back). His stats is medium so you will get rid of this beast in at least 1 round. But don't forget we score this set at high risk because this Goat has friends. This set has at least got 3 times this Goat! So beware.