Daisy walker - the librarian

Daisy Walker is the Librarian at Miskatonic University. Her books are her most valuable asset and reads for hours on end to gather information. Her favorite categories are Horror, Fiction and Occult Books. Is that a good thing since this is Arkham Horror ....


Her studies were concerned with dark and occult books, until the day she discovered John Dee's book.

It is the translation of the Necronomicon a dark book which was a very unpleasant experience to study. This dark book comes closer to truth than fiction. She began to wonder what other dark secrets the forbidden section of the library held.


Daisy is the first Seeker investigator, which means that this group is mainly concerned with finding clues. Her stats are 3/5/2/2 and is a true Seeker breed. She studies the dark side of Arkham and therefore has a high level of tolerance for horror, namely 9. She is not very strong and will therefore be able to take less damage and with a score of 5 you have to be careful with this. It is therefore best to leave samples to another lubricator.


Her ability is that she can take one free action per turn as long as it is a Tome action. This can help you in many situations. An extra turn is really a MUST in this LCG. TEMPO must o on!


Her super star ability is +0 which is not really useful, but the fact that you can play extra cards for every Tome you have is a strong side of the story. Note that you can only have 8 cards in your hand.

special card

Daisy is nothing without her carrying case and with her special card you get extra space so that your hands remain free. You have physical slots so you can only hold a limited number of items.


1x an accessories lock.

2x one hand lock.

2x a spell or arcane slot.

1x a body lock

1x an ally slot.


With your carrying bag, your Tome cards do not take up hand slots and you can use them for other items. A very strong card. The more slots the stronger your investigator becomes.


PRO TIP: We will never oblige you to spend extra money for this lcg, but it is still useful to point out that your collection is currently not that extensive with Tome cards but buy e.g. the Forgotten age and your already have some cool crten there. Daisy is all about the tome cards.


The John Dee translation of the Nerconomicon book. The worst book Daisy has researched in her career.


Revelation which means that the effect of this card is immediately effective. There are 3 horror points on the card. You can move it to Daisy by means of an action. When all 3 horror points are gone, the card is canceled. So as long as this book is in play you should treat the star token as the tentacle token, which means instant failure for your skills test.


It also employs a hand lock. So if you already have 2 items, you have to replace 1 item with this card.


PRO TIP: In most cases you just have to leave this card. You never know what will happen and you really can't use those 3 horror with Daisy.

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