Blog NR. 4 - Tempo

We immediately come up with a pro tip that you really need to get to know and know.

This pro tip will make things a lot easier for you and your friends if you take this into account.

We are going to talk about TEMPO. This entire game is based on tempo creation. Every turn you will have to deal with a doom token. When you've gotten enough of these doom tokens, the calendar will do its job. You flip the agenda deck and a lot of trouble comes over you.

However, the game is not about defeating monsters and enemies. It was made for exploration. By means of this investigate action you can collect clue tokens (right). You need these tokens to achieve a scenario. However, the doom tokens (left) are going to make it more difficult for you. The entire encounter deck is based on making you stop your investigations. Think of monsters and enemies that stop you or an Ancient evil that gives you extra doom.


  1. Investigate your location.
  2. Move to a connecting location.
  3. Draw (draw 1 card).
  4. Resource (gain 1 resource).
  5. Play an asset or event card from your hand.
  6. Activate an -costed ability on an in-play card you control, an in-play encounter card at your location, a card in your threat area, the current act card, or the current agenda card.
  7. Fight an enemy at your location.
  8. Engage an enemy at your location.
  9. Attempt to evade an enemy engaged with you.

These are the actions you can take per turn. The only catch is that you can only choose 3. Investigate and Move are the most important in our view. You have to find clues and you do that by means of an investigate action. If your location has no more clues you have to search for it in a different location and you do that by the action move. Now you have already lost 2 action points and you only have one left. Now you can still do an investigate. You badly need the clues, but what if you have an Icy ghoul in front of you.

We take a look at the Icy Ghoul. This beautiful beast that you can encounter right on your first adventure has a health of 4. A simple calculation tells you that you need 2 turns to defeat this monster. One fight action = 1 action point. You only do 1 damage if you have no items so you need 4 actions. Let alone achieve the 3 fight points. So if you miss it once, it will cost you 4 actions.


This shows you that the monster is holding you back from collecting clues. You have now spent all your actions defeating this monster instead of collecting clues.

cards that will help your investigator

Of course there are also cards that can give you a helping hand to speed up the collection of clues. We took a closer look at these 3 cards so that you can get a bit of an idea of UP TEMPO cards.

Evidence / after defeating a monster or enemy discover 1 clue.

Look what I Found / If you lose a skill test with 2 or less points, find 2 clues.

Working a Hunch / 2 resource for a free clue what more could you want?

Intel report / an Intel Report of course 4 resources for 2 free clues.


Keep in mind when playing these cards. Clues must be present at your location otherwise they will of course not work. Except Intel Report, for 4 resources you can find 1 clue at the desired location.


Finally, you want to say it again that finding clues is the most important thing.

For many this will of course also be the exp points, which will be discussed in the following blogs. So survivors it is extremely important to keep your playing pace high in collecting clues! You still have investigator abilities that help you get clues faster.


Remember that English is not our native language so there may be some spelling mistakes.


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