Blog NR. 9 - The First year


We have been on the road for a year now with this website. Not only have we already shared quite a bit of information with you, but this remains the best card game for us at the moment. We want to capture everything that happens in arkham horror and what happens naturally in our play sessions.


We often get the question why we don't write reviews and previews for new chapters and major expansions. Well the answer is very simple for us. We started with this game last year and would like to discover and explore everything ourselves. In addition, we keep this website up to date with where we are with the game. So we won't get ahead of ourselves and only share moments and articles where we left off. This way spoilers won't come unexpectedly that you weren't waiting for and for novice players (including us) it remains a fun and cool discovery.


We are quite thorough with the maintenance of the web page and only want to deliver top quality articles. The web page should also look slick. We put our heart and soul into this web page and it takes a lot of time from us to keep it up to date. This is one reason why we just keep writing at our own pace.


Then comes the language. Last month we decided to switch completely to English. This is not our native language and it does require some reading work. Once again we would like to draw your attention to the fact that it is not our mother tongue and errors can occur. We are not perfect either, but we do try to make the best web page possible.


When you read the articles, the feeling should come back to you to play a play session right away. Not only do we try to bring back the atmosphere of Arkham horror on the web page, it also has to start itching again to make new decks or to go back to the beginning with your investigators.

what we have achieved in the first year

We now briefly discuss what we have achieved with the web page with a short explanation. In addition, we will share a number of things that we want to roll out on the web page in the future.



here we better write out our notes and what we discover in the world of Arkham horror. Take, for example, the blog about math. Know what's in your choas bag.


Strategy guide

here you can find all the scenarios that we have turned upside down and have managed to bring all the ins and outs to the table.


Card review

Investigators / In this chapter you will find all investigators. What are their special cards and what are their weaknesses.

Expansion investigators / Stand alone investigator come to light here.

Deep dive analysis / Here we discuss all the cards of a set, but we take each class separately.



Investigators decks / Here we discuss all standard decks.

Expansion Investigator Decks / Stand Alone Investigator Decks

Our own creations / Here we discuss all the decks we make ourselves that are worth testing for you.


Arkham horror archives

it speaks for itself. Here you can find all the articles we have ever released on the webpage.


As you can see we have already given you a lot of information about what is happening in Arkham horror. We very much hope that this information is of some use to you. There will be a lot of players among us who have not thought about this for a long time and we hope to trigger these players again to pull the old boxes out of the closet again.


future plan for the web page

We will soon continue playing in the Dunwich legacy. We will therefore deal with all cards and scenarios. Not only will the Dunwich legacy become something new for the web page, we also want to work on new chapters such as keywords and traits. We want to start with combination decks, so that you can combine investigators with each other to have a much nicer play session.


As you know this is becoming an older game. Sure they keep pumping cool content. For new players it can still be annoying to buy older cards. Our tip is therefore to buy what you can buy and especially older cards, because we also struggle with this problem. In the future we want to expand with stand-alone scenarios, but these are no longer available.

We hope that you will continue to follow us and that you will continue to support us. Any proceeds are welcome. We want to take Dutch blogger company to a higher level and also come up with cool content. We are already designing our own merchandise, but we need your help to get it started. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that you can sponsor our work via the parteon webpage.




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