Blog NR. 10 - Win time, make your game standard

Hey survivors!


It's been a while since we've posted anything. We have been very busy with our work lately because of the end of the high season. We have had less time to figure out scenarios or cycles and completely destroy them and then write cool analyses. But so be it.


Non the less, we haven't been sitting still either. We have further expanded our collection and are still trying to buy and collect new expansions every week or month. Now we have a fantastic card pole and the little time we have outside of work and family time we worked our asses off to make all new standard decks.


Because we still had all the cards on the table, we also thought it was a cool idea (a very difficult task) to sort out and reorganize all the cards. Of course we had all organized this neatly, but with +150 new cards this was a challenge. In our upcoming new blog there will be an extensive article about this.


Speaking of new articles, we would like to inform you that the new chapter encounter sets will also be online this week. Let's take a closer look at the encounter cards you can expect per cycle. So there will be a number of new chapters and articles coming soon. Stay informed and check out our instagram for new updates. 

starter decks

Now let's talk about the standard decks, because I know we're going to get a lot of questions about this if we don't explain it better. The standard decks that we have now made are some of our own creations and of course we have the entire investigators expansions ready to go. The new creations of our decks are of course a collection of creations that we find and test out here and there. So let's be honest all decks have already been made once with a number of adjustments. What we actually do is build a number of decks and then we completely destroy them and make an analysis of this. So that we can add and remove cards so that we are happy with the new decks. We usually use a A murder at the Excelsior hotel and if we want to check for real multiplayer mode we use The Blob that eat everything.


Okay, we now have standard 8 decks ready that can be grabbed at any moment and you can join in to play a whole new series. There are now also 4 decks that we found online and we are going to completely destroy them and give them our own twist so that they will also be added to the collection. We have rearranged the entire encounter cards with new sleek dividers and new boxes (you will also find this in a later article).


We would also like to explain what we have discovered about this new approach. The fact that this is a card game and you can constantly adjust your deck is a really cool mechanism. Only what we have discovered is that this will only count in your update cards. It is important that your standard deck, so the deck with which you start a series must be very strong or balanced from moment one. It's all about the exp you get in a scenario and use it to make your deck better.


Of course we also have play sessions that already give you exp points in advance so that you can already build a slightly stronger deck, but the rule does apply for every 5 exp you use you have to add an extra weakness card to your deck. So the other day we had a mega campaign and you had to use 15 exp for your deck. You can't earn and spend exp between scenarios, but you did have to add 3 extra weakness cards to your deck.


But for each investigator or class you can really only make 2 starting decks. So for each class you have actually said 2 starting points, from which you continue to build. So it is very nice if you have 1 standard deck of each class. Especially we had little time now, we can just pick out a deck-grabbing scenario (or have it ready the night before) and you can play right away. This is also very nice if friends come over and you can start right away. Let's see which standard directions you can go with a specific class.


Seeker / You can build your standard decks around with you draw a lot of cards and the more cards in your hand the stronger you will be come. Or the other one we like the most is build around Daisy and use every tome you can find. The seeker class is drawing cards en be the best in finding clues. So your focus must be on the two of these. 

Roque / Ok this one is simple, you can either build a deck that je can evade enemies and stab them in there backs or you can build a deck that can attack the enemies face on (you can go nuts with your skill cards). Use cards to get more ammo or be a badass with your knives. 

Survivor / This class is made to fail skill test. You can either make a deck that deals damage on failing or you can build a deck that gathers clues when you failing. 

Guardian / Support the other players with healing and giving cards to skill test. Or became a all in balls out gun blasting monster slayer. Simple as that. 

Mystic / Ok this was a simple answer as well. Became a scrying machine or became a wannabe wizards and blast stuff up with your magic spells. 


Thats what we think over the standaard decks you should have an the go. off course there a lot of other spin offs but these will work for us. 


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