Blog NR.12 - Deck testing chapter.

Hello world,


Welcome to yet again a little blog about the upcoming new chapter. We as company are getting bigger and bigger. Each step we take is a step in a better working website. The bigger we get the better information you will get. Even for us as a team it's a real enjoyable experience to wright and read the things we make and post. We started out as a website that was only interested in making strategy guides but man we came up with really big ideas! And we need all the help we can get to make that happen. Like for instants our own merchandise! It's becoming a reality, but stay tuned for more information. 


Back to the action! We gonna start a new chapter or better saying a sub chapter! You all ready now what it is, because you clicked on the link and you read the title 😀. We gonna use YOUR deck and we gonna test the hell out of it! Or better said Dutch blogger style! No seriously we gonna make a chapter based on decks what we like or found on the internet. You also can send us a email or reach out with social media like instagram for example. 


We gonna play some easy, normal and hard modes with your deck and we gonna right a cool article about it!

The give you a little hint... We gonna drop the last investigator expansion pack review with a full article of a hall of fame ArkhamDB deck! Ow I already told you what's the surprise is.... 


Now you know what to do. Create your own special deck and send it to us and we will make an awesome article of your creation! We even gonna post photo's of our play sessions on our instagram account!


Stay tuned for the first article......


Jeroen - Dutch Blogger Company.