Blog NR.13 - The new Patreon page!

Hello world and welcome back to our latest blog!

Today we gonna talk about our company and who we are. We also gonna talk about the future of this amazing website and we gonna bring you good news! With that all said let's talk about who we are. 


My name is Jeroen and my wife is called Jessie. We are going crazy for LCG card games. We started with the LOTR LCG and then started with Arkham horror the card game. We also play many other board games. The community for these types of games varies by region, but what struck us is that there is a very large group that plays these games.


Well we all know how gruelling Arkham horror can be. Sometimes it is so complicated that you have to keep your head, otherwise mistakes are made quickly. Well at least you learn from your mistakes and when you replay one scenario you know what to expect. The fact is that if you play a cycle in campaign mode you don't always have the same experience. This all has to do with your choice you make with your friends. 


We all know that this hobby of board and card games takes up a lot of space in terms of storage. You put all your playing cards neatly organised in folders. Your encounter cards are all arranged by scenario and sets. Your decks are all already prepared, especially if you have a 2nd core set, this is very easy. (we always have at least 1 deck of each class ready without exp) Then we haven't even talked about the time you spend in it. Sometimes we spend an entire evening preparing a new campaign. Or how about the scenario's in between. When it's time to spend the well earned exp points. It's a lot of planning, talking, building and of course shuffling. 


So you spend a lot of hours on this fantastic LCG. But what if you forget something or you just want to find something but don't feel like walking to your closet and looking through all your scenario books or your cards. Or how about the fact that you want to make a certain route in a campaign mode but you don't know exactly which choices to make? 


Well that was the beginning of Dutch Blogger Company. We wanted to create a solid website that can help you with these things! The company also makes several websites for completely other matters such as catering businesses. But of course our goal is to build an Arkham horror website that we can use for generations. We are currently producing the most comprehensive Arkham horror website you have ever seen or will ever see!

Next in line that we want you to know more about is our totally renewed Patreon page! We started this page so you and others players who admire this website can take on a sponsorship and support our business. We want to bring you closer to our website and the only thing we can achieve this is by making merchandise! Yes you read that part right. We started to produce our own Clothing collection and its up to you if you want to become part of the Order. What order? I can hear the question echoing in your head. Of course its totally up to you guys and girls if you want to sponsor the website, but with more sponsor the website can only grow bigger and better. 

The Order of the Black lotus


There is a mysterious group of investigators. They are around for centuries and they are here to protect the normal kind of people for all the bad mythos shit that happens around the world. From the old little back town of Dunwich to the icy lands on the edge of the earth there are everywhere. But to become a member of the inner circle you will have to travel to a special website and find out more.... If you don't dare to take on the black lotus member ship there is always a easy way just search for the members of the white lotus and they will tell you more!